thank you for your order!  ALL ITEMS ARE BUILT AND BAKED TO ORDER OVER THE COURSE OF 5-6 DAYS to honor our natural fermentations, PACKAGED AND ARRIVE WITHIN AN ADDITIONAL 2-3 DAYS VIA PRIORITY MAIL ACROSS THE CONTINENTAL USA.  Some orders containing multiple items may take longer, please provide ample time and your desired delivery date at checkout if for a special occasion.  Some ingredients may not be available with out commitment to seasonality or take longer to get.



Does Red Bread offer services?

yes! We offer classes, cater private events, and consultation. Whether you are a home baker who wants to learn or a professional that wants to up their game, we want to cook and bake with you. celebrating a wedding, graduation or just having friends over? we want to be a part of it. Dreaming of opening your own bakery or needing to update your restaurant? we want to got you covered. Use our contact Page to reach out and tell us how we can help.

how does red bread make its bread and baked goods?

red bread uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure excellent taste and nutrition in all its handcrafted breads and treats. we start with all natural organic ingredients from local california farms and cultivate wild yeast in california.  all breads and treats are 100% naturally leavened with these wild starters and allowed to ferment over time developing rich complex flavors.  fermented foods are not only delicious, but become more digestible with fermentation.  the process is as old as humanity and provides a reconnection to real food in the modern age.

pastries and cookies are rustic with an emphasis on whole nourishing ingredients, using a variety of organic flours.  our offerings feature the best from the farmers market, as well as what we have "put up in our pantry" throughout the year.  each loaf and treat is handcrafted, and baked to order.

Why Whole Grains?

RED BREAD uses stone ground whole grains in all its baked goods.  this makes us unique among most bakeries using mass produced commodity flour.  Our flours come from grist & Toll in Pasadena, CA. We use a seasonally changing variety of ancient, heirloom, heritage and modern landrace grains.  We are committed to not only the incredible flavor but the increased nutrition density found in these flours.  In championing whole grains we SUPPORT a more diversified and sustainable AGRICULTURE.  We are happy to celebrate great farmers and our miller bringing us beautiful grains.  

HOW do i keep my BAKED GOODS fresh?

Red Bread Sourdough process allows our breads to last longer, though we think you'll want to devour it immediately.  To keep bread fresh keep on your countertop for up to one week wrapped in a non-piling natural fiber cloth or the packaging provided.  Like a fine cheese, Bread may develop a hard rind.  Simply remove, slice as normal, toast and enjoy.  Bread can also be frozen and kept for up to 3 months.  Defrost overnight on  countertop, slice, toast and enjoy!

COOKIES keep up to two weeks on your counter top and can be frozen up to 2 months.  We enjoy eating our hand pies frozen for a summer treat! Pastries should be eaten in 2-3 days or frozen for up to 2 months.

how does red bread make its preserves?

red bread uses only the freshest produce from california farms to make all of its seasonal preserves, pickles, and ferments.  for our jams, we use only whole natural ingredients to deliver delicious complex jams and never use any commercial pectin.  all our jams are made in small batches using traditional copper preserving pans resulting in bright flavors.  our preserves change with each season, as the harvest inspires us.  For our pickles, we use high quality produce, vinegar and spices.  our ferments are made using beautiful grey sea salt and filtered water.  they are not heat processed and are therefore a live active food cultured with lactobacillus for increased nutrition and complex taste.

what is red bread?

red bread is a social justice organic kitchen.  we offer farm to table food and baked goods, featuring ingredients from sustainable organic farms.  it is our goal to bring the best possible food and information to the communities in which we operate.  we believe strongly that food is medicine - and should be delicious!  red bread also produces food centered media, and teaches food education and food empowerment classes across california.  5% of every sale goes to fight hunger in our communities and support culinary education classes to underserved communities.

how is red bread green?

red bread is committed to being ecologically friendly in its packaging and limiting paper waste.  we use american eco-packaging suppliers.  all packaging is made of recycled biodegradable and compostable materials.  Additionally we have zero waste practices in our kitchen.  We believe in cooking and baking in a holistic manner, commonly known as nose to tail or stalk to root.  whatever remains is turned into soil through our composting efforts.

What is red Breads Social Justice Mission?

RED BREAD IS COMMITTED TO giving back and building strong communities.  5% of all sales go to our social justice mission, providing free culinary and food system education to underserved communities.  We also engage in direct giving to local food banks.  Red Bread is proud to have provided for over 12,000 meals since 2011.  If you are an organization serving low income individuals or another vulnerable group use our contact form to get in touch and set up a free class to benefit your community.

does red bread offer refunds?

we take pride in our items.  if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please let us know within 24 hours of delivery date by contacting  we are happy to replace your purchase or give you credit towards a future order.  terms and conditions apply to all orders.

how can i stay up to date on red bread?

stay up to date with our events and other red bread news by joining our mailing list.  follow us on facebook, twitter, and our award winning instagram to get a daily peek into our kithcen!

 5% of every sale goes to fight hunger in our communities and support culinary education classes to underserved communities.