Jam Tarts (6)


Jam Tarts (6)


Our award winning Jam Tarts, lovingly referred to by our fans as our 'Poptart' will take you back in time.  We start with a stone ground 100% whole grain crust with sourdough starter for full fermentation, fill each tart with house made preserves from the bounty of the farmers market throughout the year, top with raw cream and bake bold for a crust that shatters and melts in your mouth.  They've been called the next national craze by the LA Times, you decide!

Tarts keep for 1 week.  Tarts can be eaten fresh or frozen and enjoyed later, simply wrap tightly and move to freezer.  Tarts take a half hour to defrost on counter top. Or do like we do in the bakery and eat them straight from the freezer, frozen jam tart is out of this world!

Available Flavors:

Blackberry Marigold

Strawberry Basil

Rhubarb Ginger Lavender Blossom

Our offerings change as the market does and may occasionally require substitutions.  

Ingredients: Whole Wheat, Walnuts, Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Raw Milk, Sourdough Starter, Seasonal Jam.  

Contains: Wheat, Eggs

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