Classic Sourdough Subscription


Classic Sourdough Subscription

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The Sourdough Subscription is here!  Get our go to bread for sandwhiches, toast and everything in between delivered to your door once a month for three months.  Made with flour, water, sea salt and wild yeast, this is how bread was meant to taste and be eaten.  All our breads are based on the nourishing sourdough process, with long fermentations for maximum digestibility and flavor.  This is the way bread has always traditionally been made.  This is the easy way to always have great nourishing bread on hand for all your meals and snacks. Want to switch it up and get a different bread one month?  Just send us an email or a message with your order.  

Choose from a 3 Classic Bread every month for 3 months subscription (Total 9 breads) or a 6 Classic Bread every month for 3 months subscription (Total 18 Classic bread).  Makes a great gift and freezes beautifully.  

Unless otherwise specified your subscription order will arrive the first week of every month for the duration of your subscriptions.  Orders placed mid month will begin the following month.   All subscription prices are a one time charge at checkout, no reoccurring fees.  

Bread is fresh for 1 week on counter top.  Bread can be eaten fresh or frozen and enjoyed later, simply wrap tightly and move to freezer.  Bread takes 2 hours to defrost on counter top. We do not offer presliced bread, we recommend you slice and toast as you go.

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Sea Salt, LOVE, sourdough starter

Contains: Wheat

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