The story of Red Bread

Red Bread was launched in January of 2011 to bring whole, natural and artisanal food to the people. Wild Yeasted Sourdough breads and pastries were our first offering and remain at the heart of Red Bread. We believe that bread should be nutritional and delicious. All it requires is good ingredients, care and time. We extend that belief to all our foods, constantly striving to bring the fields to your door.  

Sustainability and our environmental impact at all levels is important to us. We begin with ingredients sourced from local farmers utilizing organic practices and a high level of care for the food they produce. WE ARE COMMITTED TO STONEGROUND WHOLE GRAINS IN ALL OUR BAKED GOODS, because they are more FlAVORful, more nutritionally dense and easier to digest.  In our kitchen, we strive for zero waste; using every available part of an ingredient, preserving and fermenting our own pantry and vermicomposting whatever remains into our garden. The food crafted in our kitchen arrives at your door in compostable  packaging.

Red Bread started with two bikes delivering to Venice Beach in 2011.  In 2012 after a year of sold out days at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, we opened our two year pop up Brick & Mortar on Washington Blvd in July. Offering farm to fork breakfast, brunch and lunch six days a week.   we were named a Best Restaurant in Culver City And BEST NEW BAKERY by LA WEEKLY!  We also won awards for best pie, best rye bread, best cookie and were featured on the saturday cover of the los angeles times! (Above). 


Red Bread has now expanded to offer direct delivery of a limited seasonal menu, Shipped priority mail nationwide. As well as custom Cakes, Pies and Donuts for private evenst in Los Angeles.  

WE PARTNER WITH PEOPLE and Restaurants to bring POPUPS and collaborations Around the world. Past collaborations have included James Beard Award Winning cookbook Writer Sarah Owens, Chef Kristen Murray of Maurice PDX and Chef Mailea Weger of Echo Deli Paris France, with Pastry Chef Sasha Piligian. chef rose lawrence tEACHes A VARIETY OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CLASSES locally and nationally.  

Rose  Lawrence is the Owner and fermenter behind Red Bread. Rose has worked as the pastry Chef of Rustic Canyon, and Manuela in Los Angeles. Rose has also staged at State Bird Provisions SF, and V. Miller Meat Whole Animal Butchery SAC. Rose has always been captivated by food. She is committed to understanding the science, art, and magic of real food treated with care. Rose is a passionate chef, baker, Master Food Preserver, and is actively involved with food justice issues.